Lexus Hoverboard

A couple months ago Lexus released a video showcasing what seems to be a hoverboard. If you haven’t seen the video click here. Today I’ll be telling how it works nd why using science.

First, we start with a monopole magnet. This material does nothing extraordinary when coming in contact with another ordinary magnet. But when the monopole magnet is cooled to absolute zero, or 0 Kelvin, it produces a magnetic cage. This prohibits it to move.

The second part of this is, how does it float on anything? It may seem like it is floating on the skate park but actually, it uses a magnetic track like this which is cunningly placed under the skate park on a specific path. This effect even was placed under the water.the-cool-science-behind-how-the-lexus-hoverboard-works

And that is the science to why and how the Lexus hoverboard hovers!



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