Holograms are real!

Lately, we’ve been posting a lot of unbelievable techs, like an ironman-like exoskeleton and a self-filling drink bottle, which are all real, but this has to be right up there. I found this invention on kick starter. They had an idea and in my mind, I would like to see this in stores around the world.

This invention is surprisingly simple if you know how. It can project a holographic image from your phone via Bluetooth, Wifi, and even U.S.B. Once the machine receives the signal, it is projected by four screens (one screen for each pane of glass in the prism you can see) which are refracted to one central point of focus.

We perceive this collection of light as a slightly transparent three-dimensional object, like the “leather” watch above.

This tech is easily replicated on your phone. Click here for more information.

Holus, the future is now.


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