Ever wanted a portable basketball net? Well, there is one and it can be installed in 5 seconds and removed in 2 seconds.

When you’re playing basketball, have you always wanted a net that is portable so that you can take it home with you? Well, this net, which is called the Black Net, is going to retail in spring next year for a price of $29.99.

When traditional basketball nets are left on the rim when the game is done, the Black Net is not. It is designed to be placed on when you’re playing and removed once you’re done. Instead of having a process where you have to tie the net to the ring, the Black Net has its own rim that is designed to be placed right over the ring, which automatically gives the court a functional net.

The steps of putting the net on and off the ring are easy. Simply shoot it through the hoop (which is estimated to take 5 seconds), and when you are finished, shoot the ball from under the hoop (which is estimated to take 2 seconds).

Here are two images displaying placing the basketball net on and off: Source: http://www.coolthings.com/

A video about the Black Net can be found here.

The featured image was courtesy of http://www.coolthings.com/.



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