L.E.D. paint

This is a fascinating invention as you can store this project in a single spray paint can. This “paint” is an alternative to your bulky, safety jacket, lying in your basement, tethered from the wind resistance. The light up paint is light, and won’t be removed as you cycle through a storm. The only problem is that it isn’t water resistant. The company that developed this product is still working on some of the issues, like the waterproofing, yet I don’t know when this product is going to be publicised.

This invention has a mirror surrounding it which, if exposed to the air, the half that is exposed dissolves a leaves a hemisphere of a mirror containing a droplet of paint. The water droplets refract the light onto the mirror and reflects the light back to the droplet of paint, which further refracts the light back to the source of the light.

So the only person who sees the mysterious paint glow is the one who exerts the light energy.



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