Now, we can generate power from raindrops

Aren’t solar panels great? They help us generate electricity from the sun just by keeping it out in the sun, which is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

The new Graphene-Coated Solar Panel prevails over this limitation by using raindrops that drop on its’ surface to generate electricity. This new invention has been developed by scientists from Qingdao, China, this new solar cell prototype will generate power from the sun like we see in wide use today.

According to, “While the team has been able to show the system to work, it’s not likely we’re seeing these solar panels come out soon. They are, for all intents and purposes, quite inefficient, functioning at a mere 6.5 percent efficiency in optimal solar conditions – a far cry from the 20 percent efficiency of today’s high-end solar panels. Still, it’s a good start for a promising technology”. But, still if this happened in the future and they developed it to become efficient, wouldn’t it be a great invention?

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