Why every invention that has been made is aiming for a goal – The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt

No inventions in this world are aimless, right? They all have a need e.g. ‘Straddling Bus’, has a need, which is to ease traffic, etc. So, why is every invention that has been made is aiming for a goal?

My opinion: All inventions that have been made are for a reason. It could be a good reason or a bad reason. Either way, they all have a reason. For example, one of the most useful inventions is a clock, because it tells the time so that people can get to events on time, and without clocks, we wouldn’t have rugby games scheduled, anything planned, etc. Some inventions e.g. the internet, have an advanced need. In my opinion, one of their needs is to, for research projects especially, to make it accessible for people to search for subjects they are researching, because in the days that the internet was not invented, you had to have to go to the library, and get a book on your subject you are researching.

Overall, in my opinion, I think that every invention has a need, whether it is for a good reason for a bad reason. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below if you have any queries.



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