Awe (which means amazement and wonderment) always happens with inventions – The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt

What is awe? It is the amazement and wonderment of things. Pretend you are in a project, and when you get it done, you are proud of yourself. Well, that always happens with inventions when inventors have finished their invention.

As you can see here, the one on the left is the original Xbox when it was released, and the one on the right is the Xbox One, the newest Xbox console released. My point being that when Xbox released its’ first console on November the 15th, 2001, Xbox would have been very happy with their development of their first console. Now, there has been many developments of the Xbox, with them releasing the Xbox 360 as well as the Xbox One which is shown here in the right image.

downloaddownload (1)

Source of images:,

Overall, the point of this post is to show you guys what is awe and how it happens, especially with inventions. Improvement always happens, and eventually, an inventor will feel amazed after a developed invention of what they are inventing.



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