Ever wanted a better connection for your Wi-Fi network? Then, this article is for you.

Wi-Fi. It’s one way to get the internet, and it sure is a good way. But, have you wanted a cloud-connected pod that gets your Wi-Fi going efficiently?

So, instead of having one router to handle your homes’ internet, this system relies on multiple Plume units that you can place around the house with ease. You could put one in each room, making sure that the Wi-Fi signal is consistently strong everywhere you go to use the internet in your home. These Plume units mainly act like a mesh system, making sure that there is a good Wi-Fi signal across your home, ensuring that you enjoy your internet connections’ where ever you are whether its’ the living room or the kitchen.

These Plume units interface directly with your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) modem, so you don’t have to have the use of an extra router in the house. Each Plume unit has an Ethernet port, so you are able to plug it in via a cable, but it is really designed for wireless use.

A video about the Plume Wi-Fi can be found here.

These Plume units are available for preorder with an autumn (or fall) release, being priced at $39 each (the minimum quantity is six pods).

The featured image was courtesy of http://phandroid.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/plume-pods-pods-4-silver.jpg.



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