Samsung vs Apple

We all can know it is almost impossible for us to live our daily lives without our technology. The G.P.S in our cars, the touch-screen phones we own, the microwave you just used to heat your food. Samsung and Apple, two of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. But, which is better.

The newly released “Samsung galaxy S7 edge” provides the user with a variety of new stuff. From a degree of water resistance to a “must have” virtual reality that is powered and created by Oculus Rift. It is larger than the previous model, yet it is still a tiny bit smaller than the “i-phone 6+”. It has a curved screen to give it a futuristic look, which I think was a bit overkill. This made (in my mind) Samsung look a bit pathetic. But can also be a positive as it enables you to use this in virtual reality along with some other technologies. Even though this phone is quite large, it feels natural in your hand, which Samsung excelled in. Even though all these fancy external changes occurred, hardly anything has changed from the software.

Apple’s new iPhone has also got its ups and downs. For instance, apple has attempted to curve the sides of its new phone, yet the Samsung’s still feels more natural. This phone was already water resistant to a higher degree than Samsung. It has still got its touch identification button from the old phone, this replaces the classic square in a circle. Not much has changed with the software as IOS can wirelessly update it. The Siri function is now even funnier to play with, saying commands like, “Can I call you Jarvis?” and “What’s up?” increase its attractiveness. Instead of the Samsung’s VR headset, the iPhone has a sleek smartwatch which has taken the world by storm. This watch can be bought as a sports watch, a formal watch and a casual watch. These prices range from $2000 NZD to $950 NZD. The downside for me is that the apple watch doesn’t come free with the phone like the Samsung. This phone, however, is less pricey than the Samsung.

In conclusion, It really depends on whether you are a sporty person who doesn’t mind about getting his or her phone wet or dirty, or even using a watch instead, or if you are a rich man or woman who isn’t as adventurous and would feel free in a virtual world of your own.

Leave a comment if you disagree with this decision.


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